Pregnancy and Parenting

AANT's Sorority Home for Pregnant and Parenting Teens, is designed to equip new and expectant teen mothers with the tools and skills needed to prepare for their baby. Our Homes are designed to expose Teen Mothers to a world BEYOND that which they have experienced.

Our program will provide new mothers with the supportive care needed to help them learn the details of caring for themselves and their new baby. Helping them to overcome those first few months of becoming a mother which can be overwhelming in the best of circumstances. Our caring staff will provide the love and support needed to help a challenged teen (a New Mother) through this life changing experience.
Sorority Homes 4 Girls

An "Angel's Touch" (AANT) Sorority Home for Girls is a program established to love, equip, and empower young girls. "Changing Hearts" from the inside while "Transforming and Restoring" Lives. The agency will provide housing for young girls ages 10-17 and 18-21, who are seeking freedom from life controlling problems such as: drug and alcohol addictions; depression; eating disorders; unplanned pregnancy; physical and sexual abuse; self-harm; and self-esteem issues. The girls will remain in the program (family) until she and her counselor feels she has successfully dealt with all of the issues she needed to address in order to advance into adulthood to include attending college, entering into the work force, and independent living. Before graduating from the home the girl will have to demonstrate leadership within the home, have a solid aftercare program with a lot of accountability, a good church where she can still grow, and a safe stabile home environment. The home will create a family environment for the girls through "Sisterhood". The girls will receive mentoring from college students until they graduate from the home. They will also receive mentoring in areas such as business, life-skills, finance, independency, spirituality, and self awareness. This "Sisterhood" will continue for generations just as in a college sorority group. Meaning as the girls transition from the home they will become mentors (leaders) for the next generation of girls to be placed in the home. The homes will provide housing for 4 to 6 girls.

An "Angel's Touch" Foundation
"Strengthening Communities One Family at a Time"
•24 hour intensive care and support
•Prenatal & childbirth education
•Parenting classes
•Lactation specialist
•Group individual and family therapy
•Educational support
•Onsite child care
•Recreation activities
•Job skills training
•Nutritional education
•Independent living skills
•Transitional housing assistance
•Outreach Classes

"Positioned with Power for PURPOSE"
Birthing PURPOSE...Being pregnant is more than just carrying a baby. It's about carrying a PURPOSE greater than you within you....